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Full Version: folower folow distance
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im having a problem with the folow distance of the folower, like if i put the folower on the roll of a healer, and mark the attack as folower or the second one or even both (attack only what the leader attack), it works and the folower attacks the mobs, but if the leader went too far the folower will stuck on the mobs that got attacked and didnt die and will keep attacking them, since his a healer he wont be able to kill them and the leader wont get the heal, can u check on it Titan? like if the leader goes to far (more than xx distance, the folower will stop attack and will go to the leader),
also if could be an option for a folower that dies not to go back to checkpoint, if he can just respawn where he died like the leader, the folower can miss loots ocantiaonly.
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