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Full Version: Follower not stick to lider,living game,full inv
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hi, sorry four my english.
1-Group farming
nephelim rifts(wait 30s...) T10
folower not stay next to lider in range
seatings: Group-Follower.xml
range 20
attack as a follower
party follower
every rift it's moves avay(far away)
group spliting make heavy losses of drops.

2- party living game after finish any rift.
3- lider not porting town when inventory full, keep farming whout piking any loot,- teleporting to town after kiling bos,not returning for loot ,closing game.
4- kamikadze mode-runing rite in to midle of explosion Smile)
for safe bot gaming will be nice get set up WW barbarian (no need speed hack)Angel
Thx for yours nice programme, Botexploit-FTW Angel
Yes i hed this problem to

Its so annoying they wont stay together as we need them to for grift 65+

Titan said he is trying to fix it but been so long now been asking for about 1 month now Sad
0.9.463 (2015-10-04)
- Enhance the stability of group farming
- Group farming would not leave game for the profile "Nephalem Rifts (Wait 30s after door closed).xml" and "Greater Rifts (Not Leave Game).xml"
- Add option "Follower only attacks the mobs that the leader is attacking"
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