Forum Announcement: 0.9.575 (Game Update
06-22-2013, 07:40 PM
0.9.575 (Game Update
Please download the latest version at
Comments and feedback are welcome! Please go to Announcement section.

0.9.575 (Game Update

0.9.573 (Game Update
- Support game update

0.9.571 (Game Update
- Support game update

0.9.569 (Fix Necromancer skills)
- Fix the problem that Necromancer would not fight

0.9.567 (Game Update
- Support game update

0.9.565 (Game Update
- Support game update

0.9.563 (Game Update 2.6, Necromancer Support)
- Fix necromancer skills corpse lance and blood rush
- Necromancer uses blood rush as unstuck skils
- Open church doors in new map

0.9.561 (Game Update 2.6, Necromancer Support)
- Add Necromancer settings
- Add option Bone Armor: At least use once in ? seconds
- Add option Use Corpse Lance for Elites only
- Add option Spam Corpse lance when Land of the Dead is active
- Use Land of the Dead for Elites only

0.9.559 (Game Update 2.6, Necromancer Support)
- Add basic support for Necromancer (Feedback are welcome)
- Add settings of customized cooldown for Corpse Lance, Decrepify, Blood Rush

0.9.555 (Game Update
- Support Game Update

Will support necromancer in the next release

0.9.551 (Game Update
- Fix salvage
- Fix opening of rifts

0.9.549 (Game Update
- Fix opening of rifts

0.9.547 (Game Update

0.9.545 (Game Update

0.9.541 (Game Update

0.9.537 (Game Update

0.9.535 (Game Update

0.9.533 (Game Update 2.4.2, fix greater rifts)
- Fix the problem of not talking to Orek after finishing greater rifts

0.9.527 (Improve Wiz Archon build and Barbarian Leapquake build)
- Cast Earthquake when using Leapquake build (Barbarian)
- Add option Cast Archon after getting X stacks of Chantodo (Wizard)
- Add option use Teleport when health% is below X (Wizard)

0.9.525 (Fix WD helltooth build not open doors)

0.9.517 (Fix archon for WIZ with Vyr's set)
- Fix archon for WIZ with Vyr's set (please check the Vyr's set option in Settings > combat > wiz)
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